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  • Aileen McKernan

Apprehending Growth

Trees burgeoned where I last traversed they were only budding. It was early March and spring was promisingly popping it’s head out despite the frosts that would continue to greet them in the ensuing weeks. Little did I or anyone know that in a short week or two the world would be shook by a virus called Corona and my beloved Monticello and Secluded Farm trails would be closed for months.

I inhaled deep the summer aroma as thick as the growth that greeted my eyes with a gratitude that was even greater. The trail opened a week ago and my heart smiled wide enjoying the luxury of a summer sunny morn. As I digested the scenery, I realized it hasn’t just been a few months since I’ve experienced these trails, it’s been a whole year since I’ve seen this exact scenery on these trails.

I marveled and a deeper revelation came. I’ve never run these woods before. This year’s growth is not the same as a year ago. Last years leaves and buds and blooms have all lived and breathed and spent their final breath, exhaled to the fall floor, and are now long gone, remnants under foot.

So too I, I realized am not the same as a year ago. A year ago. A month out of a month long challenge against my coworkers to see who could run the furthest in a month. Previously my running was sporadic. A thread in my life for years, but there was no consistent pattern other than it was consistently inconsistent and I enjoyed it. The month challenge catapulted me into a new season, a new joy, a new discovery. No I am not the same as a year ago.

It is the same mentally, emotionally, spiritually. There is depth, and width, and height, burgeoning like the scenery before me. A year ago, stunted in my walk with Jesus and searching for more, for love, for who I knew God to be in drips and drops. Now a waterfall, a cascade becomes. Likewise I see character development. Healing. Confidence. God’s Grace. His pruning. His mercy. His Love. All unfolding a continuity and a renewal.

I am grateful and say so. I sing so, from the top of the mountain I release a song of praise over the City. Oh that they would know His goodness, that they would see His face the way I do.

Oh that you would know His goodness and see His face of Love towards you today friend! That is my prayer for you too.

Be blessed!

“Behold, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

“Make your home in me (my love)” John 15 The Message Version

For Further Thought:

  • Where can you identify growth in your life from a year ago? What areas has the Lord been deepening, widening, or heightening you?

  • Take a minute to acknowledge His Love and what He has done for you, and if you feel led pray for someone who may not know Him.

  • If you’re not satisfied with the growth or of your ability to know and receive God’s Love in a deep way, ask Him to show you who He is or ask a friend to pray for you! He is faithful and He delights to show the truth of who He is in Christ Jesus

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