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  • Aileen McKernan

How this Hand Held Citrus Juicer Changed My Life & Can Change Yours Too

My wrists hurt from wringing, rolling, squeezing, and mashing the orb of yellow hard skin and flesh that I was hoping its fresh juice would form the base of even fresher lemonade.

Unfortunately I was left with little juice, lots of pits in it, and even more frustration.

Mental note, I don't like hand juicing lemons (or limes), even when I microwave them to get the party started like one magazine article encouraged.

Ding the sticky note resurfaced one particularly sunshiny day strolling down the kitchen gadget aisle.

What's this? A citrus juicer that will juice lemons and limes. I NEED THAT. I BOUGHT THAT. I USE THAT. A LOT. I've gone through two of the exact same one in 13 years.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. Slice. Flip. Squeeze. Ah fresh citrus juice for lemonade, limeade, and divers sauces, marinades, and recipes with no fuss and no muss at all.

Sure if I only need a sprinkle, I slice, and squeeze and hand squeeze, but my heart's delight is in this ceramic dual size squeezer. I use it so frequently it's within reach in my carousel of spoons, tongs, brushes, and scoops.

What do you think? Do you have a hand held citrus juicer? Do you love it as much as I do?

If you don't, consider in investing one. This guy was about 10.00 at a local home store and was worth every penny to save time and frustration and add joy to my kitchen life. I hope if you try it brings the same satisfaction to yours!

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