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  • Aileen McKernan

Ode to my OXO Tot Tomato Cutter - JointFit Kitchen Gadget Series

Oh how you slice and dice

my tomatoes, grapes, and olives into nice

wedges and more;

turn round globules into mouth size

morsels to enjoy almost as much as I enjoy

using you.

Your blades shine


you shine,

a diamond in the rough of kitchen gadgets.

Odes and exaggerations aside, my OXO Tot Tomato Cutter has to be one of the neatest, handiest, and most effective kitchen gadgets I own. It is also very affordable I might add.

Marketed as a Tot Grape Cutter to make food more manageable, i.e. less of a choking risk for young kids, this kitchen gadget is useful for youths and adults alike.

It easily quarters tomatoes, grapes, olives and more for bite size munching, salads, toppings, and tapenades to name a few uses. Not a week goes by where I don't use it for something. It does not take up much space in my gadget drawer, but it definitely occupies a large part of my kitchen gadget heart.

It is easy to hold and easy to use. You load your tomato into the barrel and just press the button down to press the fruit into the blade, and bam! fresh slices of tomato in seconds! It is also safe to use, there is low risk to actually get injured by the blades (though it probably is possible) making it a neat tool to have young helping hands use. When not in use, it also has a blade cover.

The OXO Tot Grape Cutter is also easy to clean. You can hand wash it or throw it into your dishwasher as is or easily disassemble it when you really want to scrub it clean.

The OXO Tot Grape Cutter brand also holds up well. I've had mine for about 10 years now and it is just as effective as the first time I used it. It currently lists for 10.99 on the OXO website. (I do not get paid if you click a link or purchase a product, links are for informational purposes only).

Yes I can quarter, slice, dice tomatoes, grapes, and olives with a knife and cutting board, but why go through the hassle and risk of cutting and clean up when this handy dandy gadget will do the trick in a fraction of the time?

Do you have a OXO Tot Cutter? If so do you use it? What do you use it for? If you don't have one - are you interested? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Cooking!


JointFit Founder and Lead Health Coach

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