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  • Aileen McKernan

Wednesday's Word of Encouragement - Chosen

If we’re honest with ourselves we can admit that in our fallen state we’ve become accustomed to living with the repercussions of rejection, not being good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, tough enough, fill-in-the blank enough to have any measure of worth.  As a result of this deep-seated rejection mentality we can become fixated on filling the void of inadequacy by filling our lives with worthless pursuits and dead-end endeavors to derive some sense of meaning and satisfaction from. 

I wonder how David felt when he was out in the fields tending the sheep, doing the dirty work while all his brothers were being considered before Samuel the Prophet to become the King of Israel? When he was summoned into the house and he understood what was going on, did he wonder, what the heck? Is this what they think of me – that my own father couldn’t even entertain the idea that it could be me that Samuel was looking for?

The fact remains when you are chosen by God, there is something He sees that goes beyond the superficial constructs of our flesh, our occupation, our position, what other people think of us.  He is able to bring forth your justice.  He sees your heart and He died while we were yet sinners to bring us into a place of ruling and reigning. 

The invitation is for all who would believe that God so Loved.  Sometimes we feel so full of guilt and shame for the mistakes we made we struggle with belief.  How could anyone Love me?  Sometimes we’re so filled with misunderstanding and think God is the one who rejected us to begin with.  Friends it was His plan to restore us from the enemy’s lies all along, that’s why He sent us out of the garden with protection, He covered our nakedness with an animal’s skin, just like thousands of years later He covered us with the blood of His lamb, Jesus.

Your sins are forgiven. Your self-worth is secure. You are wildly loved. You can put down any of the ways you compare yourselves to others and receive more fully your redemption today. 

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